Dr. Sam Hackworth

New Client Procedure:


  • If you would like to become a New Client, please call 737-701-6605 or, if you prefer, email office@drsamhackworth.com.  If you do not reach me directly, please leave a message with your first & last name, phone number, email address, child or teen's first & last name, and brief reason for seeking an appointment.  (Including all of that will help make the process of becoming a new client move quickly.)

You will receive either a call back or an email about how to proceed.  By leaving a voice mail you are agreeing to also receive replies back by voice mail or text unless you state otherwise in your message.

If you last saw me prior to 2018, please follow the above process also, as you must now complete new online office forms to return as a client.

  • If you are a Young Adult (between the ages of 18 and 25 for my practice), I generally only see clients who are about to begin, or who are already in, college.  An exception would be for clients who saw me in the past as minors and who may or may not be in college currently.

Please see the Home page for other information about what type of services I offer, including parent consults; use of insurance benefits; and, some scheduling issues.